Start with design

Planning a new project is much easier if you have detailed drawings, wiring diagrams, circuit numbers, and a list of the parts and materials needed.

Although it's not common to have detailed electrical drawings for small projects such as residential wiring, at SHD Electric we believe this step is one of the most crucial steps of any project no matter how big or small.

Having thorough blue printsĀ  and plans benefit the contractor and the owner.

We offer detailed electrical design services to contractors, architects and DIY home owners.


Residential design

Here are the most popular residential electrical design packages:

  • New construction
  • Renovation
  • Basement wiring


Tackle your project in three steps:

  1. Order the electrical design
  2. Order the parts
  3. Start wiring

Our plans include location of the electrical outlets, wiring diagram and circuit numbers. Based on our plans we prepare a list of parts needed. When you order the design from us, we can ship the whole wiring package to you at the preferred price.

Upload your drawings

Send us your architectural drawings so we can start your electrical design.